18 Jun 2024

Jasmine Burges (29) has been volunteering with us for 5 months at our Discovery Hut and we wanted to know what she loves about this role and why she does it.

"I love meeting other volunteers and all our visitors of all ages, that come from all over. Seaton Wetlands is local to me and being out in nature benefits my mental health and wellbeing. I knew nothing about birds beforehand but I am expanding my knowledge through volunteering here. It has been really eye-opening and enjoyable to realise and now begin to recognise the wide variety of wildlife right on our doorstep"


Jasmine had a career break due to health issues and found this role has given her back her confidence especially in social situations.

"Outside spaces used to feel really scary and daunting but volunteering here at Seaton Wetlands has worked wonders for managing and overcoming my agoraphobia. It's the most gentle, calming place that has been so beneficial for my wellbeing - better than any kind of medicine!"

We are so happy that we have young people volunteering with us and hearing about the huge positive impact being here has had on Jasmine and our other volunteers. We are super grateful for all the work they do for us in contributing to maintaining our nature reserves.

Thank you Jasmine for sharing your thoughts with us!